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Would you take a pay cut for your employees?

Dan Price

At 31, Dan Price was a millionaire. His card payments company, which he set up in his teens, had about 2,000 customers and an estimated worth of millions of dollars.

But in 2015, he introduced a $70,000 minimum salary for all of his 120 staff at Gravity Payments - and personally took a pay cut of $1m. Five years later he's still on the minimum salary, and says the gamble has paid off.

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More UK companies affected by coronavirus

People in central London wearing masks
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As of Friday, a total of 132 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange have warned that the coronavirus outbreak has impacted their business and is likely to affect their profit outlooks for 2020.

According to Bowmore Asset Management, concerns about the effects of coronavirus on the markets over the last 10 days has caused a significant shift from risky assets to "safe haven assets".

This movement could continue for a while, as seen by on Thursday, US stocks were sold off so sharply on the Dow Jones Industrial Average that it caused the worst one-day point drop in history.

“Investors with a long-term horizon need to avoid thetemptation to exit the market," said Charles Incledon, clientdirector at Bowmore Asset Management.

“Past corrections show that big sell offs are followedby rallies that quickly make back a large amount of the ground that has beenlost; however, it is hard to time that.

“Some sectors that may be more heavily sold, such asoil and gas, and travel, could present real opportunities to buy atsignificantly lower levels.”